About the Author

Lindsey was born and raised in Southern Kentucky, but a majority of her time as a child was spent pretending she lived on Pern (Anne McCaffrey) or in some forest in Middle Earth. She’s a dabbler in most creative things [drawing, singing, knitting], but her passion lies in stories and storytelling. She recently finished the second draft of her first novel manuscript, and plans to begin her second soon.

In July of 2011, Lindsey married her best friend, Vince. Just under four years later, in February of 2015, they had their first child, James, who they affectionally refer to as Mr. Wow, Tiny Man, and Monsher. They live with their doberman, Juno, their two inside cats, Buddy and Ducky, and their two outside cats, Funny and Cali (along with a score of strays who Lindsey can’t help but feed and love from afar). Recently, the guinea pig Sally Whiskers has joined their family, but she spends most of her time at the school where Vince works, entertaining his students.

Lindsey’s fiction has previously appeared in Paradigm, Main Street Rag: Villains Anthology, Kentucky: Her Story, Aurora Literary Journal, and Aurora Online.  Her poetry has appeared in Ruminate and Emerge Literary Journal. Her dream is to have her first novel picked up and published by an honest to goodness publishing house.

She’s dedicated this journal to helping herself and others through the joys and trials of being a mother. Keep an eye out for her writer blog, to be linked here, soon.


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