James’s Surgery Update #1

I thought I’d have all this time after James’s surgery to write blogs and keep everyone updated on how he was doing, since surely he would be quieter and more subdued after his big event. However, I haven’t had time because James has been doing SO wonderfully since the day we got home!

As I said in my last post, we got to leave the hospital a whole day early. The doctor sent us home with Oxycodone (a very, very low dose) and Tylenol for pain management. I foresaw having to hold my son as he hurt, counting the seconds until his next pain med. I thought I’d have a baby who only wanted to be held and who only wanted to cuddle, because he felt so bad. But from the day we got home, this kid was ready to roll!

The first week of recovery, he had to sleep propped up on a wedge. This was the only thing that seemed to irritate him. He didn’t sleep well, because he couldn’t roll over, and he would wake up every hour or so, but a week after surgery we met with Dr. Liau, and he said James was doing so well, we didn’t need the wedge anymore! He also stopped needed pain meds shortly after that, so I was able to slowly wean him from the narcotic so he didn’t suffer any withdrawals.

Since he’s been sleeping flat, he’s back to our same wild, sweet, loud, weird, loving boy. Unless he’s sleeping, he constantly wants to be moving. He buzzes his lips, rolls r’s with his tongue, growls like a bear (or a zombie–the zombaby), screams, laughs, babbles, and fake-coughs for attention. Aside from a head that’s a slightly different shape, and a cool zig-zag scar (that’s healing beautifully) across his scalp, you’d never know he underwent major surgery less than a month ago.

Tomorrow, James turns 9 months old. On this day last month, just before his 8 month milestone, I was terrified, because I knew that in less than a week, my baby would have to go through something so scary and so difficult, and to be honest, I was really afraid he might die. I didn’t voice that before the surgery, but it swirled around my brain every day. I was scared something unforeseen would happen and he would have brain damage, or contract some other disease or illness from a blood transfusion, or any number of wild, crazy things. And now I’m sitting here, typing this, while he rolls around in his walker, chasing our cats, buzzing his lips and talking up a storm.

So many of you prayed for us, thought about us, sent us good thoughts and energy, and I will, for the rest of my life, be grateful. I’m so grateful for all of you, for James’s doctors and nurses and everyone who dealt with him at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. So thank you all, again. Thank God for my son’s rapid recovery and relative health! This is all more than I ever could have hoped for when I found out he needed this surgery. Life is good.

Here are two photos of James before his surgery. The first is from just over a month before surgery; the second is from a couple of days before surgery:


Here are two photos of James after his surgery. The first is from the day after we came home (5 days post-op); the second is from two days ago (just under a month post-op):



2 thoughts on “James’s Surgery Update #1

  1. I read your story, or should I say TESTIMONY. I had to fight back the tears. Being a mother of three beautiful daughters, I can only imagine the flood of emotions…the tears you must have she’d during this storm in both your lives. All I can say is GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! Your story is an inspiration of the power of prayer, faith and what it truly means to solely put your trust in God. Thank you….

    1. Edna, thank you so much for this! It has been an emotional roller coaster, and every single night as I put my baby to bed, I thank God for his healing, for his doctors, his nurses, and all the amazing prayers we have received. But it’s also been a trial for me to worry less and put my faith in God (I’m the queen of worrying). Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!!

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