(2) Post-Intensive Week Blues

It’s only been three days since training ended, but it feels like so much longerIntensive Week was an exhausting, amazing, surreal experience. I thought the slump that came after Intensive Week would take longer to reach me than three days, but here I am, looking back at old pictures (old meaning from last weekend) and really feeling the absence of my classmates, teachers, and the OM place.

I expected this. I knew that after such a life-changing experience, I wouldn’t leave and feel totally normal. It’s like coming down off of a vacation high, only multiplied by a lot. I love my job working with kiddos, I love my family, and I love my life, but I also am feeling the hole left in my heart by my experience at teacher training.

It’s easy for me to hyper-focus on things that make me feel bad. It would be REALLY easy for me to only think about how sad I am that teacher training is over. But taking the easy road rarely leads to growth.

So rather that only be bummed out that my awesome journey through teacher training is over, I’m turning my eyes toward the now and toward the future. Thanks to that amazing experience that I’m so thankful to have had, I can teach yoga, and touch lives, and be touched by things I otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of. Teacher training has opened all kinds of doors for me–professionally, personally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically–and to ignore that, or to focus on what was behind the door originally would lessen that gift.

I’m still sad that training is over, that I don’t get to share long, hard, wonderful days with my friends, but I’m excited for what’s happening now, and what’s going to happen.

These two beautiful ladies helped me open this door, and I’m forever thankful that they were my teachers, and my friends.

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