6: Intensive Week (Part 1)

Normally I post one blog for each month of training, but given the fact that this last month of training lasted 9 days, rather than 2, I’m gonna split this post up.

The last nine days feel like weeks instead of days–and I mean that in a really lovely way, not in a “oh my God, that took FOREVER” kind of way. They were just nine very long, intense days, and I’m outrageously thankful for every single second.

There are so many stories to share, so many jokes, tears, conversations, photos, and thoughts. A lot of those things need to stay in my heart and head (for now), but in the meantime, I want to share some things about this week here.

During this last week of YTT, I learned exactly how amazing all my classmates are. I’ve known since day one that they were all incredible people, but now I also know that they’re incredible teachers. I got to take many of their classes (for some, it was their first class ever!), and each and every one was amazing and beautifully reflected the person teaching it. I feel honored and blessed to have been able to be part of that. I also got the opportunity to have longer conversations with people who I normally didn’t get to talk to a whole lot (when you only see people for one weekend a month, and during that weekend you take class after class after class and then go home, it’s hard to get in good convo time with everyone), which was amazing. It was crazy to fully realize for the first time what an extraordinary group I was privileged enough to be part of.

Right now, everything is still kind of a blur for me. Nine days filled with asana, studying, learning, asana, eating, drawing, meditating, pranayama, asana, tests, sidewalk chalk, medicine cards, asana, and lots of talking has currently overwhelmed my brain (in a lovely, happy way). I want to sit down later and write out individual stories, individual moments of clarity and beauty to share with you, but for now, I’ll just say this:

The Om Place class of 2014 is one of the most incredible, beautiful groups of people I’ve ever been part of. The energy each and every person shared with me over the last nine days and over the last six months is something I’ll never forget, and will carry with me into my teaching and into my life. I’m grateful beyond words to know each and every person that I learned with, and wish each and every one of them the very best of luck in their lives, in their teaching, and in their practice.



Stay tuned for some individual Intensive Week lessons and adventures!

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